REOMED 1600VA A-50 Series Isolation Transformer

German REOMED A-50 medical isolation transformers with 1600VA and 230V Support. TUV+NRTL approved according to IEC60601-1 3.1 Edition. Secures each System against high Leakage Current, reduces the risk of an electrical shock and protect sensitive equipment from half-wave failures. Optional Isolation Monitor available.

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REOMED 1600VA A-50 Series Isolation Transformer

TÜV+NRTL certified Medical-Isolation-Transformer for 230V AC Environments.

  • secures your System against high Leakage Current & half-wave failure
  • reduces the risk of an electrical shock
  • additional Isolation Monitor
  • durable – none aging Parts
  • no supply noise or hum – encapsulated transformer


The REOMED A-50 Series is manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001 for the safest power supply of Medical diagnosis and analysis devices, systems for therapy and surgery, ECG, Ultrasound, IT equipment and video systems.

The TÜV-certified REOMED isolating trans-formers are proven and reliable equipment for use with all electrical systems in a medical environment. They reduce the leakage current and thus help to ensure the safety of patients. REOMED isolating transformers are character-ized by their very low magnetic stray-fields and reliability, whilst also providing high efficiency and easy connectivity.
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