Warranty Extensions & After Sales Service

We offer our products with two to five years of warranty and different kinds of service levels. The warranty can be a normal factory warranty where the product will be shipped to us for Service or, with the extended service levels, the replacement device is shipped to the customer on the same day, or the device may already be waiting at the customer’s premises on our behalf. With our comprehensive services, we will change the product on location in one to two days, or according to the customer agreement.

For us the essential matter is, that the disruption of the treatment areas that require repair, are as short as possible.
Operating room hours and operation price is high, not to mention the human factors, when a surgery has to be postponed.

Also we are able to teach and to validate your own service technicians in order to maintain, repair or doublecheck solutions which was made by us. Therefor we support you with extensive instructional materials and training days at our Headquarter or directly at your side.

Full service House

Werth Systems is a Full Service House for solutions in patient treatment areas. We have understood that the resources in hospitals and at Medical Device Manufacturers are decreasing constantly and everything can’t be done in-house. In addition, we know that the policies tend to differ greatly between different applications and system makers. We help you to develop and to produce exactly the right solution for your need. Certifiction, Risk Management, EMC, electrical Safety, evaluation of thermal and mechanical properties, availability and creation of bill of materials are our daily business. You don’t have to start from the scratch anymore and you can save a lot of time and money if you decide to use our expert knowledge for your projects.

However, it is not effective that hospitals or medical device manufacturers provide ICT solution development and IT maintenance for the patient treatment Areas, beause that is not their main business. In addition, the equipment acquisitions can be challenging when done internationally. Either the product doesn’t exist, or the selection is so wide, that a suitable and high-quality product is very challenging to find.

We also offer consultancy and pre-sales services. Different types of carts, wall and table mounts require installation space as well as understanding of their weight limitations. The law of health care equipment and supplies:

MDD – General requirements for professional use

The professional user has to ensure that:

  1. A person who uses health care device, has the training and experience required for its safe operation;
  2. A label and instructions for safe operation are required on the device or accompanied with it;
  3. the device is used by the manufacturer in accordance with the purpose and given instructions;
  4. the device is maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
  5. the location is suitable for the safe use of the device;
  6. The immediate proximity or in connection with the device of the medical equipment, building components and structures, equipment, software, or other systems and objects do not compromise the performance of the device or of the patient, the health of the user or any other person; as well as
  7. the installation, maintenance and repairs of the device can be done only by someone who has the necessary skills and expertise.

Critical treatment areas such as the operating room, critical care, anesthesia, etc. set the requirements for hygiene and for the method of installation. The nurse is not in charge of cable ties. Small spaces and on the ground, in the middle of patients, is not the place to start opening packages and reading the installation manuals.

Werth Systems has developed processes in which the setup time in the treatment areas are reduced significantly. Device configurations are planned and prepared well in our production facilities. We will transport an almost finished device pre-configured at the scheduled time frame on location. In this way, we disturb the patients and treatment work as little as possible.


    About us
    Werth Systems is a Manufacturer of IT Solutions for the  Healthcare Market. Our engineers have more than 20 years of knowledge in fanless Computerdesigns and they are specialized in developing of safe systems for the Patient Environment.