Safe Power Supply

Electricity is the lifeblood of analytical instruments and Medical Electrical Systems…

…But if there is a power breakdown or current fluctuation and you need your isolation transformer or UPS most, then this equipment can make your System very vulnerable. Our solutions can reduce these risks. Check out if your equipment is on the safe side.

In our following Whitepaper, you can read what can happen if the current didn’t work inside of the strict Limits of the DIN VDE 0100-710:2012-10 Norm.


Read more about AC Stabilizing or AV Voltage Regulation on Wikipedia:

Take a look into our suggestions of a safe solution…

Medical Power Conditioners

Medical UPS

Medical Power Strip


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    Werth Systems is a Manufacturer of IT Solutions for the  Healthcare Market. Our engineers have more than 20 years of knowledge in fanless Computerdesigns and they are specialized in developing of safe systems for the Patient Environment.